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old chinese art philosophers argued that copying an object exactly the same as its original wasnt special and it was mundane. they said that one should understand the very essence of the object, stylize its fine and most important points, without simplfying it, in order to draw it. some kind of expressionism. the drawing should be like a poem that "tells" the shape.

on the other hand we see the "illusion" aspect in most of the western art. this has no place in chinese ink drawings. the "camera" isnt set on the same dimension as the objects that are being drawn in the first place. western art simply tries to reach perfection trough explaining the perception of the artist by mastering the most realistic exquisities of the view.chinese art retrains more of a "you need to think on this" style while western art focuses on unparalleled beauty.

i dont think its applicaple to argue between two styles, but which one do you think should be the starting point of art philosophy? should art be sycned with philosophy at all?
together by melannc
the right side of the photo is too "empty". we can clearly see a crescent shaped water sprlinkling there. do you know why? because theres nothing else there. any shape or focus could have done the job. the focus object in the photo is the two girls, who are well placed as the darker one is put in the middle, but that shifts our focus to the pale girl who is the only "abstract" in this whole picture. even though they are the focus, they are horribly misplaced, turning the photo into a poster rather than an active art. one could look at their nudes, fall in love with it and pass, wont spend more energy than that. if you could draw a line under the bottoms of the girls as the platform they sit, and draw the lines on the "horizon" of the patch of land on which they are sitting, you will notice a very obvious discord, not only that but also it doesnt fit into the rest of the picture. how would this be fixed? by simply making it more natural, more to what an eye would see. simply tilting the camera a bit upwards and lowering it to the ground would do wonders. i can imagine how one could fix the placement of focus objects in this picture as the smoothness of the nudes are completely opposing the detail of the background and there is no in-between passage. make use of external shadows on the girls? only a guess.
There is a lot of money revolving in the society but it never gets distributed equally. True that people don't work equally as well, but we see that the jobs that are most demanding or need most labour usually end up earning low or average. I can work all my life cleaning the sewers but I will never earn in my lifetime enough as what someone gets in one year by kicking a ball. Most of the construction workers in the world earn like the least in their local. Educators and scientists are the most valuable in societies but we see that actors or traders earn million times more of what they earn on average.

Yes communism didn't work but is it because it was wrong in the first place or is it because it was tested in an extremely savage war environment?

I mean communism was never tested on a peaceful stage. The fact that individualism looked like it worked over socialism is because individualism simply flourishes in wartime environments such as WW2.

My questions are:

Why do some silly jobs earn hilarous amounts of money while very vital ones don't?

How do you react when you believe that you have been treated in a non-equal way?

Why doesn't philosophies that advocate equality work?
I made a thread called "is Baghdadi a CIA agent?" 48 days ago, based on just analysing the movements of ISIS. I made several points that he worked in favor of MOSSAD.…

And today I see on the news that Baghdadi is revealed to be trained by CIA and MOSSAD. Here's a link…

Did ISIS ever harm anything that favored Israel?

Did ISIS do anything about the Gaza massacre?

Did ISIS do anything but murder Muslims, Shiites, Turkmens and Kurds?

(Turkmen and Shiite population in northern Iraq is seen as a great political obstacle for creating an Israel-favored tampon region between Israel and Iran) 

Next time anyone asks me "why are Muslims terrorists? :/" please think twice and make a research.
- ISIS militants were treated in hospitals behind the borders in Israel during the Syrian civil war. (quoted from The National and Israel post newspapers)

- ISIS only kills Shiites and minorities.

- Israel and USA supported logistically ISIS, El Nusra and FSA during the Syrian civil war.

- Leader of ISIS Al-Baghdadi has spent some time in the American military camp Bucca between 2005 and 2009, being arrested for unknown reasons and being released for unknown reasons, just like the American agent-guerilla Abdulhakim Belhac in Libya. (quoted from the Russian analyst Viyaçeslav Matuzov)

- USA hasn't sent their drones even though they see ISIS as a threat and even though that they use these anywhere for just any reason.

- USA was extremely slow in handing their f-16s to Iraqi government to fight against ISIS.

- Some ISIS militants have American passports.

- Bender Bin Sultan, the Arabian intelligence officer who is one of the architects of the Syrian conflict, has met and planned strategies with Mossad several times.

- Hasn't touched to Mesud Barzani, who is being openly supported by Israel and USA.

- ISIS is trying to secure the area between Euphrates and Tigrish, which is considered holy by the Jews.

- ISIS during the Syrian conflict only made moves that favored the Israeli interests.

- Has the structure type of legionery and foreign guerillas.

- Has weakened Hizbullah who has given enormous difficulties for Israel in Lebenon, forcing them to retreat.

- Has weakened Assad, who was totally working against Israel.

- Bombed more mosques than Israel.

- Caused great deal of damage behind the lines in favor of Israel.

- ISIS looks like a war product of CIA/NATO, being rumored to have been founded by CIA and Jordan intelligence in Safevi, a town in Jordan. (quoting American geopolitic analyst William Engdahl)

- Quoting New York times: USA for some reason fails to catch the mastermind behind ISIS, ex Iraqi military commander Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri

- ISIS hasn't moved a finger about Palestine, even though it's one of their "holy missions".

A bit long list but lots of information is needed when talking about a suspicion. What do you guys think? Can ISIS be another Taliban?
My friend does commissions! Check it out;…



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