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I have often witnessed, rather in burning shame and disappointment, that the lack of analytical way of thinking is actually observable in art communities, which I am guessing (reluctantly) roots from the fact that artists are traditionally bad with numerical sciences. This has taken me to even more depths to the point of asking "actually what portion of the society chooses art to be their main thing?" but can't find the courage to voice it since it overlaps with the fact that art is not a separate thing but a very important part of human nature.

At one level I find the comments in this forums very interesting and questioning. At another level I am often dropping my balls on the floor and facepalming myself infinite times to the general pre-accepted concepts and immature thinking methods that have taken the place of common sense and logic. I can't dismiss these things as mere trollings or thoughts that dont have such a deep background in the sayers mind, as the sheer amount of text and thinking put into these prove it otherwise.

The discussion goes rather like this:

if we agree on the common point that,

a --> b --> c --> d ...


a --> c --> ...

gets often replied with:

A IS NOT C YOU DUMB MORON YOU *insert whatever personal adjective here* LOOK AT THE DAMN DICTIONARY

*discussion continues on how a --> c rather than how a --> d --> ... and the fact that the arguer also agreed on the first proposition and conflicting with themselves*


Now why do you think this is?

Do you also think that (as a friend pointed out but I am resisting (but giving into) to the very idea) it is because artists are just not good analytical thinkers and they are good in only certain ways of thinking?

Or is it because the majority are just young people here? Are they?

Do the young people lack the ability to argue on a pre-accepted common grounds?

Is it because the majority of the speakers are, american, collage students (are they?) and the reason roots in the malfunction of the american education system?

Or that it doesnt have anything to do with america and just about the chemical layout of the general of the collage students worldwide that something goes several directions at once in their brains?

If none of the above, then why o why??
The popular belief and the most emotional standpoint of feminism and actually any other viewpoint that thinks women should be put on a higher level in society then men is that they are physically oppressed by men. The train follows as: "women are weaker so they should be protected. if they are to be protected then they should be given advantages. if given advantages everything must be made much more easier for them. to achieve that everything must be made more difficult for men."

This train of thought fails as women are not weaker in the first place. Physical power holds a very weak advantage in applying violence or defending oneself in modern times. Sword alone itself made the requirement of physical prowess go away, let alone firearms and tazers.

Long story short here is the recent news of an Afghan woman killing 25 male taliban terrorists by herself and 2 other women.…

My point is that women are not weak. They are not incapable of combat. They are just raised differently then boys and are taught to never fight physically, and later chose not to do this as its easier to try to find someone else to do your dirty fighting then trying it yourself.

My questions are:

1- Do you disagree on this and what are your points in your cases?

2- Would women be less oppressed if they were hulks?

3- Are women oppressed at all?

4- How does ones physical ability to apply violence earn them the respect and position in society? People who defend the point that women are oppressed because of their physical conditioning unquestioningly accept that physical prowess is one of the keys to be not abused in society.

5- Do muscled men have more chance of finding jobs and raise in their careers than physically weaker men?

6- And one irrelevant question: Does the sheer mass of muscles equate to bulk strength?
old chinese art philosophers argued that copying an object exactly the same as its original wasnt special and it was mundane. they said that one should understand the very essence of the object, stylize its fine and most important points, without simplfying it, in order to draw it. some kind of expressionism. the drawing should be like a poem that "tells" the shape.

on the other hand we see the "illusion" aspect in most of the western art. this has no place in chinese ink drawings. the "camera" isnt set on the same dimension as the objects that are being drawn in the first place. western art simply tries to reach perfection trough explaining the perception of the artist by mastering the most realistic exquisities of the view.chinese art retrains more of a "you need to think on this" style while western art focuses on unparalleled beauty.

i dont think its applicaple to argue between two styles, but which one do you think should be the starting point of art philosophy? should art be sycned with philosophy at all?
together by melannc
the right side of the photo is too "empty". we can clearly see a crescent shaped water sprlinkling there. do you know why? because theres nothing else there. any shape or focus could have done the job. the focus object in the photo is the two girls, who are well placed as the darker one is put in the middle, but that shifts our focus to the pale girl who is the only "abstract" in this whole picture. even though they are the focus, they are horribly misplaced, turning the photo into a poster rather than an active art. one could look at their nudes, fall in love with it and pass, wont spend more energy than that. if you could draw a line under the bottoms of the girls as the platform they sit, and draw the lines on the "horizon" of the patch of land on which they are sitting, you will notice a very obvious discord, not only that but also it doesnt fit into the rest of the picture. how would this be fixed? by simply making it more natural, more to what an eye would see. simply tilting the camera a bit upwards and lowering it to the ground would do wonders. i can imagine how one could fix the placement of focus objects in this picture as the smoothness of the nudes are completely opposing the detail of the background and there is no in-between passage. make use of external shadows on the girls? only a guess.
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