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Why are the Budhist monks killing Muslim civilians?

There are videos of babies being cooked alive. Hundreds of hundreds of stripped naked corpses left out on the sun for their relatives to recognise them.

Have you ever thought about this issue once in your life?

Take caution before googling these videos and pictures. Highly graphic.…
The contextual problem with this question lies within its flawed logic that a being who has created good and evil should be subjected to these very morals himself. Though this is a bit too complicated to explain to the average person who thinks he leveled up from the other averages by having heard/read this simple riddle: if God is good then why does He make evil things in the world?

Einstein says that if you can't explain a complex situation in simple worlds that everyone can understand then you aren't well versed in the subject. In this situation I can't find the simple one-sentenced explanation that will summarize the whole philosophy of good, evil, human nature, worldly tests, concept of heaven and hell to a person who refuses to believe in those in the first place. Thus the less literate declares me unable to respond, even though that I responded, except that not in the language he will understand. It looks as if I'm just trying to evade his subject.

If God exists then why, in the most simple words, does evil exist in the real world?

Does God doing evil things somehow prove him not existing?

Does the sentient things acting in their own natures somehow should be blamed to God?

videos which are related to the subject:……
I have often witnessed, rather in burning shame and disappointment, that the lack of analytical way of thinking is actually observable in art communities, which I am guessing (reluctantly) roots from the fact that artists are traditionally bad with numerical sciences. This has taken me to even more depths to the point of asking "actually what portion of the society chooses art to be their main thing?" but can't find the courage to voice it since it overlaps with the fact that art is not a separate thing but a very important part of human nature.

At one level I find the comments in this forums very interesting and questioning. At another level I am often dropping my balls on the floor and facepalming myself infinite times to the general pre-accepted concepts and immature thinking methods that have taken the place of common sense and logic. I can't dismiss these things as mere trollings or thoughts that dont have such a deep background in the sayers mind, as the sheer amount of text and thinking put into these prove it otherwise.

The discussion goes rather like this:

if we agree on the common point that,

a --> b --> c --> d ...


a --> c --> ...

gets often replied with:

A IS NOT C YOU DUMB MORON YOU *insert whatever personal adjective here* LOOK AT THE DAMN DICTIONARY

*discussion continues on how a --> c rather than how a --> d --> ... and the fact that the arguer also agreed on the first proposition and conflicting with themselves*


Now why do you think this is?

Do you also think that (as a friend pointed out but I am resisting (but giving into) to the very idea) it is because artists are just not good analytical thinkers and they are good in only certain ways of thinking?

Or is it because the majority are just young people here? Are they?

Do the young people lack the ability to argue on a pre-accepted common grounds?

Is it because the majority of the speakers are, american, collage students (are they?) and the reason roots in the malfunction of the american education system?

Or that it doesnt have anything to do with america and just about the chemical layout of the general of the collage students worldwide that something goes several directions at once in their brains?

If none of the above, then why o why??
My friend does commissions! Check it out;…



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