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What's with western countries and terrorists? They're like flesh and fingernail.

cemil bayik, one of the five founders of pkk (kurdistan workers party), says in an interview given to the German newspaper Die Welt that they have contacts within the USA and have their unspoken support.…

Reporter: Do you have contacts within USA?

bayik: Yes.

Reporter: USA government contradicts that.

bayik: USA wants Turkey to be included in the fight against the isis and they take Turkish sensitive feelings into consideration.

Note: pkk attacks within the last 45 days resulted with 61 deaths and 89 wounded. In the last 28 years they carried out around 72500 terror attacks which roughly resulted in the deaths of 6500 civilians, 5500 soldiers and policemen and 1500 village rangers.

Would you support your enemies enemy, even if they're bloody murderers?
Please produce your own thoughts.

Sex is not the primal drive in shaping philosophical thoughts.

Politics is VERY boring if you keep using other peoples minds.

There are smart girls too. Talk to them also !

I don't feel like I can discuss with any girl anymore. It feels more like I'm talking with the collective minds of several dudes who only each shallowly state their opinions about one single subject.

Alright I may have exaggerated with the "slept" word. But don't imitate guys just because they're.. guys!

Alright fine imitate. But then at least UNDERSTAND the thought. Don't just repeat the surface outlines of it like a parrot. Try to figure out at least *why you agree with it* ! Try to go a little bit deeper.

Thank you.
Why are people so assholes?

Honest, non-whining, doesn't-belong-to-the-complaints section question.

Think this in a train of thought.

Crime -> The need to solve it -> Invent a moral code -> Crime evolves trough the gaps in the code -> Make new moral code -> Moral code is now subjective

1- How is it possible that people keep making moral codes that are fantastically much better than the human standarts in any given period of history?

2- If it is in "human nature" to just be evil, why invent morality in the first place? Let it be an all out free-for-all deathmatch.

3- If every single individual feels the need of the comfort of order, why is it again individuals that start to twist and manipulate this order into their own advantage?

Tried to keep it short but as you can see it's a very long subject.
For all I know, all of the milestone scientists political views are harshly left wing, humanist or apolitical. I try to think hard, both in the east and west, I can't seem to find any scientist in my memory that promoted right-wing ideologies. Maybe my memory is too weak? Please tell me if you know one.

Maybe some old scientists in medieval europe where you had to bow down to the church no matter if you were a scientist or an artist, or in ancient greece where everyone had to suck up to the government and be sexist shits like aristotales? But in the modern science? I can't remember any groundbreaking breaktroughs made by right-wing scientists.

Invention of the primitive internet in the nazi technology maybe? Or the anti-frost?…

Do you actually believe into this story?

I don't want to judge, but everything points out to the fact that fascism is actually a mental illness.
Who is Kenan Evren? One of the biggest fascists in Turkish history. Lead actor in a coup that had resulted in 50 people being hanged (some were children), 517 sentenced to death, 230.000 people got arrested, 30.000 thousand people fired from their jobs for being "unfavorable", 14.000 citizens removed from citizenship.

More info on the coup here…

During his regime thousands of people got killed by government hand, mostly trough covert torture. Ruined so many peoples lives, made so many mothers weep. He was 98 years old. I quote his health status from wikipedia:

Evren was hospitalized for massive gastrointestinal bleeding on 3 August 2009, in Yalıkavak, Bodrum, where his summer house is located.[15] A temporary artificial pacemaker was applied to Evren while in intensive care due to bradycardia.[16] His large intestine was removed a week later at GATA in Istanbul (Gülhane Military Medicine Academy) where he was transferred.[17] He was discharged on 24 September 2009.

Evren died at a military hospital in Ankara on 9 May 2015.[18]

He died on the mothers day!

Do you think someones death can be a kind of present for people? For mothers?
Do you think its coincidence that God waits just this exact moment, when the clock passes 12 in Turkey of all the world times, hitting the same day that mothers day happens in Turkey? For the painful death of someone who had been cursed by so many mothers?

Will all fascists die painfully one day? Right wingers, are you sure you're on the right path?

Maybe this is a philosophical discussion. But the man is political. Discuss.
My friend does commissions! Check it out;…



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