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Who is Kenan Evren? One of the biggest fascists in Turkish history. Lead actor in a coup that had resulted in 50 people being hanged (some were children), 517 sentenced to death, 230.000 people got arrested, 30.000 thousand people fired from their jobs for being "unfavorable", 14.000 citizens removed from citizenship.

More info on the coup here…

During his regime thousands of people got killed by government hand, mostly trough covert torture. Ruined so many peoples lives, made so many mothers weep. He was 98 years old. I quote his health status from wikipedia:

Evren was hospitalized for massive gastrointestinal bleeding on 3 August 2009, in Yalıkavak, Bodrum, where his summer house is located.[15] A temporary artificial pacemaker was applied to Evren while in intensive care due to bradycardia.[16] His large intestine was removed a week later at GATA in Istanbul (Gülhane Military Medicine Academy) where he was transferred.[17] He was discharged on 24 September 2009.

Evren died at a military hospital in Ankara on 9 May 2015.[18]

He died on the mothers day!

Do you think someones death can be a kind of present for people? For mothers?
Do you think its coincidence that God waits just this exact moment, when the clock passes 12 in Turkey of all the world times, hitting the same day that mothers day happens in Turkey? For the painful death of someone who had been cursed by so many mothers?

Will all fascists die painfully one day? Right wingers, are you sure you're on the right path?

Maybe this is a philosophical discussion. But the man is political. Discuss.
the biggest refugee shipwreck at mediterranean claims 700 lives. 20 meter-long ship carrying 700 people goes into the waves. adds up to 1600 matryrs on mediterranean shipwrecks ever since the beginning of 2015.

how do the either-government-hired-agent or the right-wing innocent looking fascist brainwashed teenager disguised as a nationalist explain this situation? how does this fit into their pink little world where all blacks and muslims are evil and ghost-white transperant haired people deserve to rule the world?

ill throw in a charicature page to explain myself better.…

hope some of the teens here can manage to answer my questions.
Why are the Budhist monks killing Muslim civilians?

There are videos of babies being cooked alive. Hundreds of hundreds of stripped naked corpses left out on the sun for their relatives to recognise them.

Have you ever thought about this issue once in your life?

Take caution before googling these videos and pictures. Highly graphic.…
The contextual problem with this question lies within its flawed logic that a being who has created good and evil should be subjected to these very morals himself. Though this is a bit too complicated to explain to the average person who thinks he leveled up from the other averages by having heard/read this simple riddle: if God is good then why does He make evil things in the world?

Einstein says that if you can't explain a complex situation in simple worlds that everyone can understand then you aren't well versed in the subject. In this situation I can't find the simple one-sentenced explanation that will summarize the whole philosophy of good, evil, human nature, worldly tests, concept of heaven and hell to a person who refuses to believe in those in the first place. Thus the less literate declares me unable to respond, even though that I responded, except that not in the language he will understand. It looks as if I'm just trying to evade his subject.

If God exists then why, in the most simple words, does evil exist in the real world?

Does God doing evil things somehow prove him not existing?

Does the sentient things acting in their own natures somehow should be blamed to God?

videos which are related to the subject:……
My friend does commissions! Check it out;…



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